About EgldRush Project


EgldRush is a collection of 5555 high-quality unique collectibles living on the Elrond Blockchain.

Each NFT comes with a massive utility and grants access to members-only benefits such as:

  • Private Fund Co-Holders and revenue sharing;
  • Passive income;
  • Dedicated VIP Crypto Club with expert crypto research & analysis;
  • Weekly rewarding system;
  • EgldRush Treasure;
  • Access to projects in early stages, exclusive drops;
  • DAO;
  • Be part of a Private Investment Fund;
  • Burning mechanism and more.

The Project is divided into 2 phases:

phase 1 phase 1

In Phase 1 EgldRush will be involved in everything new, profitable, and viable on the Maiar DEX.

Our strategy consists in holding 85% of the sales fund for 12-18 months in the Elrond ecosystem to generate rewards for the holders and the project development. (The community will get 80% of the rewards generated weekly and the project will develop with the remaining 20%).

This will result in a sustainable system through we develop the project with minimal cost and we keep our Holders motivated.

The community will get 80% of the rewards generated weekly and the project will develop with the remaining 20%.

In the meantime we will also start the EgldRush Gallery.

An online platform that will bring together the best upcoming projects, the best giveaways and airdrops. These projects will be exposed to a large community and various forms of marketing and will be able to offer jobs or seek partners through the platform. Each project will have a score given by the EgldRush Miner holders based on detailed research and one-to-one interviews with both the EgldRush founder and founders of upcoming projects.

After 12-18 months we will exit phase 1 with 85% of the NFTs sales funds as we started - this will represent the EgldRush Private Investment Fund and it will be part of the services we'll offer to Crypto and NFT startups in Phase 2.

Long - Term Holders will become The Private Fund Co-Holders and will get access to Phase 2.


In Phase 2, EgldRush will play a major role in supporting new, innovative projects that will bring more value to the Elrond ecosystem by offering guidance, funding, support and more as you can see bellow:

  • Funding (EgldRush Private Investment Fund - it will work as a Venture Capital);
  • Support & guidance from us and our Partners;
  • Web design at its finest - we create or establish a line of a powerful branding;
  • NFT Pack (3D high-quality NFTs full service - concept, base, traits, randomly generated, static or motion, upload);
  • Tools and Social Platforms;
  • Blockchain tools;
  • Full Marketing - starting with promo materials and strategies (video, posters, graphics, giveaways and more) to the premium marketing level;
  • A strong open-minded community;
  • And more...


NO 3rd party investment will be allowed in Phase 2.

Only EgldRush (Miners) Holders will have the status of EGLDRUSH Private Fund Co-Holders!


NO 3rd party investment will be allowed in Phase 2.

Only EgldRush (Miners) Holders will have the status of EGLDRUSH Private Fund Co-Holders!


Tokenommics & use of funds



85% of the NFT sales funds will be locked in the DEX for 12-18 months and will generate rewards for holders and the project development.

  • Lock: 85%
  • Team: 10%
  • Marketing: 3%
  • Pre-launch cost: 2%


- Weekly Rewards - EGLDRush Treasure
- Community Games - Airdrops & New Tokens

Phase 2 - The 85% NFTs sales funds locked in phase 1 will now become The EgldRush Private Investment Fund.




Q1-Q2 2022

1. Prelaunch

  • Publish
  • Brainstorming (concept, design)
  • Launch website & social media profiles
  • Prepare & organize the crypto VIP Club
  • Marketing & giveaways
  • Building partnerships

Q3 2022

2. Listing & Investing

  • Launch day (middle of July)
  • Publish 5555 NFTs collection
  • Minting & distribution process
  • Crypto VIP Club (Alpha)
  • Investing: Farming, staking and metabonding
  • Rewarding system (beta)

End of Q3 2022

3. Rewarding

  • First content added to the VIP Club
  • Starting the weekly reward distribution
  • - First funds added to the treasure
  • - The holder's vote
  • - Starting the community games

Q3-Q4 2022

4. Treasure & Partnerships

  • - First EgldRush treasure opening
  • - Crypto Club development
  • - Partnerships
  • - Start the works for EgldRush Gallery

Q4 2022

5. Development

  • - Whitelisting spots for new projects and partnerships
  • - Developing "The Priceless" subcollection
  • - Starting the development for Phase 2
  • - First airdrop

Q1-Q2 2023

6. "The Priceless"

  • - EgldRush Gallery opening
  • - New benefits for dwarf miners holders will be announced
  • - Exclusive drops
  • - Marketing and partnerships
  • - Launch "The Priceless"
  • - Phase 2 Development

Q3 2023

7. Unification

  • - The holder's vote
  • - Unification
  • - Last treasure opening ( Mega treasure )
  • - Last weekly rewards distribution
  • - Reveal Phase 2 details

Q3-Q4 2023

8. Phase II

  • - Final number of Private Fund Co-Holders
  • - Final Profit Share structure
  • - The new platform is ready
  • - Staking mechanism
  • - First funding
  • - and more TBA

Unique rewarding system & Burning mechanism

Weekly rewards

80% of the rewards generated during a full week from the Maiar Dex will be distributed to the holders each Friday (it can be different each week from LKMEX, EGLD, USDC to new tokens or other benefits based on your vote -it will be announced each Thursday).

The rewards will be generated from Mex farms, Egld Staking, Metabonding, Metastaking, Launchpads, Partnerships and more.

Rewards claimable by each holder once a week.



Each day 5% of the rewards generated with the sales funds will go into the Treasure. We will open the treasure for the EgldRush Holders once or twice a month.

We created the treasure and the burning mechanism to add extra value for each NFT and to maintain a good floor price on the secondary markets.

As an example: You will receive 1M LKMEX if your NFT is burned. This will keep the floor price up on the secondary Markets, any NFT listed for under 1M LKMEX will be profitable for anyone who will buy it just if is added to the Treasure and burned.

To enter this event, you'll need to be a holder, be whitelisted, and you'll need to send 1x NFT to the EgldRush Treasure address (registration will be open 7 days prior to the event or till all the whitelisting spots are filled min. 10 - max. 200).

We'll decide how many holders will split the treasure based on your vote for each event, and we'll randomly select them with a random generator mechanism that will be presented in detail.

The holders splitting the treasure will burn their NFT and will receive the rewards.

On top of this, another 50% of the participants will burn their NFT based on the RARITY and receive 1M LKMEX as consolation.

This way, we'll add extra value for the long-term holders and a high floor price for EgldRush on the secondary marketplaces.

Meaning of Burning the NFT - The NFTs will be sent from the Treasure address to an NFT burning address, and a list with all the burned NFTs will be created and updated after each event on our official channels ( the rank no. and a picture so we will always remember them - RIP NFT list. )

The Treasure address will always be the same, and all the announcements will be posted only on our official website and channels. Check them here!

We'll never ask you to send an NFT or to use a different address apart from the official one, and we'll never dm you!

  • Holding a rare miner allows you to enter all EgldRush treasure events with a low risk of burning your NFT!
  • Due to the burning mechanism, your NFT will have a higher value in time, and the number of holders will decrease.



Founder - CEO

Flavius Cocora

Co-Founder & Business Dev.




Community Manager




There will be only 5555 dwarf miners; once we mint them, no more can ever be minted.

5455 available for mint and 100 for airdrop and promotions.

In phase 1, EgldRush will be involved in everything new and profitable on the Maiar DEX and will release the EgldRush Galleries.

Our strategy is to hold 85% of the sales funds for 12-18 months in the most profitable pools to generate rewards for the community and the project development.

This will result in a great economic system as the community will get 80% of the rewards generated, and the project will be developed with the remaining 20%. After 12-18 months, phase 1 will exist with 85% of the NFTs sales funds as we started.

No, all EgldRush NFTs are randomly generated and distributed via the minting process.

You can use your Maiar App wallet, Elrond Web wallet, and Ledger. See more about how to create a wallet here.

The minting price for addresses on the whitelist is 1 EGLD and for addresses on the non-whitelist up to 1.5 EGLD.

With an address that is on the whitelist, you can mint a maximum of 10 EGLDRUSH MINERS in the pre-sale phase! After that, there is no maximum cap.

The minting process started in the middle of July.

Whitelisting Pre Sale started on the 19th of July.